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Keep pace with your markets and customers with our flexible solutions that incorporate guided methodologies and Insights to uncover meaningful trends, fast. You need the right access to data and industry expertise to dictate your strategy and educate your organization.

Brand marketing & performance

Industry Tracker

Monitor market dynamics for a specific product category over time.

Consumer Segmentation

Get a detailed knowledge of consumers’ mindsets, their category behavior, and their underlying values.

Usage & Attitudes

Acquire knowledge about consumer preferences, habits, and purchasing behaviors.

Marketing Mix

Quantify your drivers of sales and understand the effectiveness of your marketing across all channels to optimize your investments

Brand Intelligence

Craft winning brand strategies that establish meaningful connections with your consumers, enhance the strength of your brand, and stimulate a premium perception in the market.

Campaign Performance

Obtain a comprehensive understanding of your campaign performance to accurately assess return on investment (ROI) and optimize your marketing and advertising endeavors.

Consumer & shopper intelligence

Consumer Trends

Stay informed about the evolving sentiments, values, mindsets, and behaviors of consumers and shoppers, enabling you to effectively plan for the present and drive innovation for the future.

Demand Generation

Drive sales volume and engage your target group by gaining a deep understanding of their demographics, values, preferences, and factors that influence their purchasing decisions.

Customer Journey

By understanding the motivations, preferences, and behaviors of different shopper segments, we help you tailor your product offerings to target specific groups more effectively.

Sales & Market Growth

Supply & Distribution

Distribution and supply chain solutions to ensure your strategies maximize ROI, protect margins, and avoid waste for sustainable growth.

Competitive Analysis

Better understand your target groups and competitors to remain a relevant, profitable and futureproof.

Pricing & Promotion

Optimize your pricing and promotion strategies with precision by gaining insights into the direct impact of your promotions, as well as those of your competitors, on your sales volume and revenue.

Media Measurement

Brand Tracker

Keep a pulse on brand awareness and reputation, and uncover what impacts perception, Measure the impact of marketing and ad campaigns pre- and post-launch and Find new entrants in your market. Benchmark your brand against competitors.

Ad Testing

Test your marketing and advertising campaigns before you launch. Our Ad Testing compares and scores multiple ads, and provides qualitative feedback to help you identify which ad creative will most effectively reach your target market—and why.

Message Testing

Measure the effectiveness of your messaging with an analysis of slogans, taglines, value propositions, company positioning, and more. Improve your messaging by measuring strengths and weaknesses across multiple attributes.

Name Testing

Test out different names for your brand, product, or service. Our Name Testing compares and scores multiple naming concepts, and provides qualitative feedback to help you identify which will best resonate with your target market—and why.

Logo Design Testing

Uncover the optimal logo design for your brand or products. See how your designs compare side by side and which are statistically significant. Customize the quantitative scorecard by choosing from 15+ attributes, or more.

Video Testing

Find out how your videos resonate with your target audience. See how your video compare side by side and which are statistically significant. Customize the quantitative scorecard by choosing from 15+ attributes, or more.

Reach your target audience

Collect quality responses from consumers or business professionals in minutes with our integrated Audience panel.

  • 200k+ people
  • 30+ countries
  • The targeting criteria
  • Custom screening

Market research services

Get help from our market research experts and dedicated account managers, with our flexible engagement model. Services include:

  • Survey design
  • Translations
  • Custom reporting
  • and more

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