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Profile your ideal consumer segments.

Leverage our Consumer Segmentation solution to effectively launch successful products and campaigns, while uncovering the specific preferences that drive consumer demand.

Enhance your understanding of your target buyers and their preferences. Precisely identify your target consumer segments, understand their needs and desires, and devise effective strategies to capture their attention, ultimately improving your go-to-market approach.


Measure product demand

Gain insights into the types of shoppers who are more likely to purchase your product, along with the reasons behind their purchasing decisions, in order to develop an ideal customer profile.


Build buyer personas

Establish a profound comprehension of your buyer personas, including their values, purchasing motivations, and shopping behaviors, to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of your target audience.


Guide campaign targeting

Discover the demographic segments that are most responsive to marketing efforts and understand the specific benefits that resonate strongly with them.

Trusted by leading brands including large multinational companies

Find survey respondents in 20+ countries

Get expert help when you need it

Benefit from the support of our team of market research experts and dedicated account managers through our flexible engagement model. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Survey design
  • Translations
  • Custom reporting
  • and more

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We can help accelerate your market research. Contact us to:

  • Collect insights to guide better decisions
  • Engage with our team of research experts
  • Customize your research to meet project needs

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