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Usage & attitude studies

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your market by uncovering how your target audience utilizes your products and services or engages with your brand. Through detailed market research and consumer insights, we help you explore consumer behaviors, preferences, and usage patterns..

Here are the benefits

  • Developing compelling propositions.
  • Enhancing your brand perception.
  • Informing future decision-making.
  • Optimising marketing communications.
  • Providing performance benchmarks.

How it works

  • Defining target audiences and objectives.
  • Depth interviews and desk research for additional context to the findings and inform the U&A questionnaire for the quantitative part of the study.
  • Receive an in-depth view of the market and identify how your brand, products or services are perceived.
  • We use a range of advanced analytical approaches to model future scenarios for positioning your brand, products or services.

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