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Get insights from your target market in as little as an hour

Conduct market research at scale and reach your business demands with our global survey panel, DMI Analytics Audience.

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Trusted by leading brands including large multinational companies

Make decisions based on insights you can trust

Our powerful data-quality controls ensure reliable responses from our panel—ideal for any market research project:

  • Recruitment of proprietary, trusted partners
  • Regular updates to the panel and respondent profiles to ensure response quality
  • Data cleaning to ensure reliable and accurate results

Target who you want, when you want

Quickly tap into an audience of more than 200k people in over 20 countries, with over 50 targeting options:

  • Tap into a sample panel with demographic or custom balancing options
  • Apply our always-on market research platform to create custom screening questions for respondents in niche markets, including business professionals, electric vehicle drivers, online grocery shoppers, and more
  • Gain access to our regularly refreshed, always up-to-date respondent profiles

Get better insights, faster

With guided setup, you can easily design, set targeting, and field a project from start to finish—whether you’re an occasional researcher or insights professional. Get actionable insights in as little as an hour.

How DMI Analytics Audience works You’re three steps away from your next great idea. Get meaningful feedback starting at $5 USD per response.

1. Choose audience

Add custom screening questions to reach specific target segments. Or select the demographics that matter to you including age, gender, job function, region, and more.

2. Send your survey

Use our survey templates or easily create your own. Measure brand health, market trends, consumer behavior, or anything else your business cares about.

3. Analyze your results

Collect results in real time. Use our analysis tools such as custom reporting, filters, and cross-tabbing to receive insights for business impact.

We’re your partner for custom market research

Whether you want to expand your research capabilities or tap into our expertise, we have you covered.

Let our experts help with bundled, customized packages that include:

  • Access to niche and B2B audiences
  • Pre-launch survey design review
  • More advanced research methodologies

With access to the our platform you can run a wide range of research projects

  • Survey programming
  • Translation services for supported languages
  • Survey results reports
  • Tracking services for brand, product, and market trends

Contact us to learn more about market research services.

Get expert help when you need it

Benefit from the support of our team of market research experts and dedicated account managers through our flexible engagement model. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Survey design
  • Translations
  • Custom reporting
  • and more

Ready to get started?

We can help accelerate your market research. Contact us to:

  • Collect insights to guide better decisions
  • Engage with our team of research experts
  • Customize your research to meet project needs

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