DMI Analytics

Demand generation

Generate demand for your products or services by gaining a deep understanding of the attitudes and behaviors of your shoppers and consumers.

Key findings

  • Who your target group is and what their wants, needs, and pain points are.
  • How your different target groups compare and contrast, and what that means for your positioning and products.
  • What motivates your target group(s) to buy, and how they find products.
  • How you stack up to the competition, where you are losing market share, and which competitors you are gaining from.
  • How satisfied your shoppers and consumers are and where opportunities lie to drive loyalty/lifetime value.
  • Which evolving trends will change market structures.

How it works

  • Contact our team to receive a price quote.
  • We'll schedule a consultation call to discuss your research goals and requirements..
  • The price will be estimated based on the scope needed and the length of your survey.

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